Sufi Chakra Breathing



Sufi Chakra Breathing guides you through vigorous breathing exercises that help stimulate your vital energy (prana) and direct it into each of your main energy centres (chakras) associated with  your endocrine glands which are responsible for the proper operation of your whole body

It is available as a digital download compatible with iTunes™ or a physical CD. 

Both comes with detailed written instructions and is made up of:

  • A short centering exercise
  • Three 10 minutes sequence of breathing exercises to the sound of a live recording of Sufi monks to energize the seven chakras
  • A short integration session with sounds to balance the energy between the chakras


When you need an energy boost, invite the Sufi monks into your home

and take a shower for your insides

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Download a digital version (30 Mb)

After making your PayPal payment, you will be taken to another web page to download a .zip file containing the 6 audio tracks in .m4a format (for iTunes™) and the instructions in pdf format.

 Canada  $10 (taxes included)
 USA  $10
 International  € 7


Purchase physical medium (shipping via Canada Post)

Sufi Chakra Breathing CD

Canada - $18 ($15 + $3 S&H) (taxes incl.)
USA - $18 ($14 + $4 S&H)
International - € 14 (€ 11 + € 3 S&H)


Combo Special   -   Sufi CD and 5+ Tibetans DVD (details ...)

Canada $36 ($33 + $3 S&H) (taxes incl.)
USA $ 36 ($32 + $4 S&H)  NTSC DVD
International - € 28 (€ 25 + € 3 S&H) PAL DVD

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