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The Five Tibetans are

a powerful set of yoga exercises which can gradually tone and strengthen your muscular, glandular and nervous systems

and energize you

Over a few weeks, with an investment of less than 20 minutes each morning, you can :

  • Tone your muscles
  • Lubricate and mobilize your joints
  • Stimulate your immune system
  • Stabilize your metabolism
  • Energize all your chakras
  • Regulate your hormonal system
  • Learn to redirect sexual energy

Shot on a beautiful beach in Costa Rica with the Pacific Ocean waves and squadrons of pelicans as a background, the instructins are contained in four videos :

  • Some safety considerations and warnings
  • Basic / generic instructions
  • A tutorial to provide beginners with detailed instructions and suggested modifications for each exercise.
  • A 17 minutes guided practice to accompany experienced practitioners in the morning (including a 5 minutes relaxation). 

The five Tibetans are often referred to as the

"Rejuvenation Rites" or the "Fountain of Youth"

Done regularly, they can bring you more energy, vitality and well-being and they are said to slow down the aging process.  

The “+” in the title of the DVD indicates:

  1. the addition of breath retention exercises (kumbhakas) to direct energy towards the chakra(s) stimulated by each of the exercises
  2. the inclusion of the powerful “sixth” Tibetan exercise which, regrettably, is often omitted even though it helps redirect sexual energy upwards
  3. the optional inclusion of stomach pumping (Agni Sara Dhauti) in the 6th Tibetan

The 5+ Tibetans DVD comes either in :

  • A digital format compatible with iTunes (mpeg4)
  • A physical DVD with a comprehensive menu system in one of two formats:
      • NTSC (North America)
      • PAL (Europe, Asia, ...)



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Canada 12$ (tax included)
USA $12
International € 9

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5+ Tibetans DVD

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USA (NTSC) - US$ 25 ($21 + $4 S&H)
International (PAL) - € 18 (€ 15 + € 3 S&H)


Combo Special   5+ Tibetans DVD and Sufi Breathing CD (details ...)

Canada (NTSC) - $36 ($33 + $3 S&H) (taxes included)
USA (NTSC) - US$ 36 ($32 + $4 S&H)
International (PAL) - € 28 (€ 25 + € 3 S&H)

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