Chakras and Endocrine Glands



In the yogic tradition, chakras are the energy centres of the human body.

They are located at major branching of the nervous system.

They are connected to each other by channels (nadis) where vital energy (prana)

flows between the base of the spine to the top of the skull

(for more details, see Wikipedia).

The chakras are associated with endocrine glands which secrete the hormones that are the chemical messengers which ensure the proper functioning of our organism

(for more details, see Wikipedia)


The 5+ Tibetans DVD and the Sufi Chakra Breathing CD

are very good tools to increase vital energy (Prana) and

direct it towards each energy centre (chakra) to stimulate its endocrine glands

Here are the locations and positive qualities of each of the seven main chakras

as well as the main functions of the associated endocrine glands


Sahasrara / Crown: at top of head

Oneness with all, Cosmic understanding

Pineal gland

Regulates bio-rhythms and circadian rhythms


Ajna / Third Eye: between eyebrows

Intuition, Creative thinking, Big picture view

Pituary gland (hypophysis)

The master ochestrator of the endocrine system


Vishuda / Throat: in hollow of throat

Creative expression, Speaking the Truth

Thyroid and parathyroid

Metabolic control and calcium management


Anahata / Heart: in middle of sternum

Compassion, Unconditional Love


Imune system


Manipura / Solar Plexus: between sternum and navel

Power, Calm assurance, Open to change


Management of glucose levels


Svadistana / Navel, Sex: between navel and pubic bone

Will, Creativity, Sensuality, Relatedness

Ovaries, Testes

Libido, energy, immunity, reproduction


Muladhara / Root, Base: at sacrum/coccyx

Survival, Security, Health, Groundedness

Adrenal glands

Fight or flight response, Electrolyte balance

Carbohydrates management

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