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Corporate Classes

Offered at noon or after work, Kripalu Yoga classes not only help relieve muscular tensions, they are also a very effective way of learning to deal with work-related stress and to become more able to consciously manage tense situations in our life.

Workplace classes are available on request at an hourly rate of $75.

To organize Kripalu yoga classes for your work team or your business, contact Pierre Bélisle at 819-827-0012 or contact him by e-mail at


Private Classes

During a 1 on 1 Yoga session with Pierre Bélisle, you will get personalized coaching to:

  • Complement your exercise program (running, cycling, tennis, ski, etc.) with yoga;
  • Address physical issues (back, hips, neck, sciatica, knees, shoulders, wrists, etc.) with yoga exercises;
  • Adapt various yoga postures to your current physical limitations so that you can gradually work through them;
  • Loosen various parts of your body to experiment with more advanced postures;
  • Deepen your experience of specific yoga postures; and/or
  • Set up a private yoga practice that suits your needs and schedule.

A one-hour session costs $65 and can be held at a location of your choice.

To book a private yoga class with Pierre, contact him at 819-827-0012 or send him an e-mail at

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