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Life’s circumstances often put us in touch with deep tensions and unresolved emotions that disturb our inner peace because these situations trigger old wounds stored in the body/mind.

You can address these upsets with Phœnix Rising Yoga Therapy which combines supported yoga postures, breathing, and active listening. 

It is done comfortably clothed, on a futon. 

We work together to choose the appropriate yoga postures in which I can assist you by taking most of the effort away so that you can explore your limits and contact the deeper tensions that inhibit movement and energy flow.

Many people report profound insights about life issues during the very first Phœnix Rising session.   In 5 sessions or less, they often get tangible and lasting results. 

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Individual Phœnix Rising Yoga Therapy sessions last 90 minutes and cost $85.

To book an appointment, contact Pierre Bélisle at 819-827-0012 or send him an e-mail at

The cost of these services can be claimed
from most private insurance plans.

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