Yoga of Happiness
with Pierre Bélisle

Who would not want more happiness in their life?  Yoga offers much more than physical exercise to be flexible and in shape.  It is first and foremost a philosopy of life which offers nothing less than unconditional aliveness and happiness in our every day life [Aliveness epidemic pdf file].

The practice of yoga can give us opportunities to practice the tools to let go of beliefs and ways of being that hamper our aliveness and to cultivate the ones that nurture it, no matter what happens. 

During this week-end workshop, we will explore how “being happy” is a moment to moment yoga exercise to create unity between what is, what isn’t and what we want in order to access a more inspired, peaceful and happy life guided by our inner wisdom.


Yoga for Happiness is an intensive 12 hour week-end workshop followed by 10 evenings where participants are guided through a process that uses yoga, breath and meditation to experience how their thoughts and belief systems shape their life and to explore how the philosophy of yoga can help them live happy lives, no matter what.

Where and When

For the time being, there are no scheduled events. 


The cost for this workshop and the 10 evenings is $300.

Create your own !

If you would be interested in getting a group together to experience this life transforming workshop together, please contact us and we will make it happen!


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